Most homeowners play safe with the color scheme of their houses, often choosing white or cream for the wall color.

Many think that it’s easier to pick out furniture and décor that matches with everything else if they pick neutral colors.

While that’s true, houses still look more fun if you pick fun colors! Who said that everything has to match the color scheme, anyway?

In this 1-story modern home, the owners picked a greyish-blue and orange color scheme for the exterior, showing everyone that this space is a fun-filled home for young children and adults alike.

The welcoming entryway picks up the color scheme, with stone-colored tiles that tone down the brightness of the place.

To maximize the space at the front porch and entryway, entrance to the home is located to the side.

Instead of the usual railings on the porch, however, this house features built-in benches suitable for hanging out.

You don’t have to buy extra furniture pieces for the porch.

There’s a huge carport that can accommodate three cars.

The cemented space in front of the carport is a great place for the kids to play ball, bike, or just invent games for fun.

Inside, the house has a cooler, sweeter color scheme that makes use of mint green with white trim.

The ceiling is also painted white, while the doors offer a contrast as these are painted with black.

The tiles have grey tones, picking up from the color scheme of the outdoor tiles at the porch area.

The modern kitchen features an L-shaped counter and white tiles with cute prints.

Built-in cabinets provide enough space for your kitchen utensils and pantry.

The back door is made of wood, surprisingly left unpainted in this otherwise colorful home.

Even the toilets of this modern home connect with the colorful scheme. Some artful tiles also brighten up the space.