There’s a lot to love about this open-air unique house design that stands out from the crowd because of its beauty. It looks awesome from different angles and would also make a great place to live in. There’s a huge deck at the front, huge living room, modern kitchen, separate dining area, and stylish loft bedroom.

This house makes use of lots of wood, but there’s also concrete and glass galore. Such an eclectic design even uses a charming spiral staircase that leads to the loft bedroom. While there’s lots of space to put a full-sized flight of stairs, this staircase looks so nice in this home.

It’s safe to say that this house looks fantastic, inside and out.

Fancy Deck, Beautiful House Design

The deck set at the front is huge and has space for a full-sized dining table so you can bring your meals outdoors. Setting this spot close to a tree can help with shade issues so you can also dine al fresco even during hot summer days.

It’s really the fancy roof that makes the house stand out from the neighborhood. It’s angled to one side but emphasizes the wooden designs on the underside, which perfectly match the wooden sidings and floors.

Classy Interiors, Lots of Space

This fancy home features lots of space for different activities. Even the living room can also double as play area for the whole family or a spot for a home office.

Despite the huge space, this house has minimalistic interiors. There aren’t a lot of furniture, but you can add some comfortable couches so you can relax while enjoying movie marathons on your flat-screen TV.

Fancy Kitchen, Loft Bedroom

This house has a kitchen that every cook would love having at their home. There’s plenty of working spaces and the cabinets look modern. Meal preparation can be a breeze in this space.

Having a loft bedroom is a huge plus. The spiral staircase also upgrades the look of the interiors.

This fancy home would cost you at least Php2.8 million.