There are lots of modern houses these days that you can use as patterns in building your dream home. Just like this pastel-colored contemporary home with stylish interiors. It features a welcoming porch, creative designs on the ceilings, spacious living room, lovely bedrooms, and a big kitchen with L-shaped counters.

The exteriors are lovely, with white walls that come with pastel accents. Sandstone-inspired tiles are also used as accents at the porch post and a part of the façade.

Vertical windows are used for this home, adding style to the sweet look. Sliding glass doors are used, opening to the living room and making the space look bigger.

Contemporary Modern House, Lovely Porch

This is a home that you can always be proud of. It features a contemporary design with flat roofs over the main part of the house and another, smaller one over the porch area.

The pastel-colored exterior walls make this place look dreamy, while the lovely porch is a welcoming spot where you can also hang out anytime of the day.

Stylish Interiors with Lots of Space

A great place to live in, this home features stylish interiors with lots of space for various activities. Like many modern homes, the living room shares an open plan with the dining area, keeping your home flexible.

Creative ceilings add beauty to this home, while the sliding glass doors and vertical windows make the space look bigger.

Large Bedrooms, Modern Kitchen

Just like the common areas, the bedrooms are also spacious and have beautiful design features. One of the bedrooms even has a star design on the ceiling.

Cooking can be fun and easy in the modern kitchen with L-shaped counters, colorful backsplash, and functional built-in cabinets.

Just a few steps from the kitchen is a nice bathroom with modern fixtures and a lovely bath area that’s separated from the dry area by a half-wall.

Building this beautiful home could cost around Php2 million.