There’s so much to love about this perfect house design that comes with a small fish pond for added style. The house has a modern design with a lovely porch, spacious living room, modern kitchen, and stylish bathrooms.

You’ll enjoy living in this charming house with colorful exterior walls and neutral interiors that you can decorate to your heart’s content.

The spacious grounds are perfect for some outdoor fun – and there’s even space for a garden or a picnic spot. You can put that space close to the fish pond and even add a small fountain to this spot for added curb appeal.

Perfect Modern Home

It’s the perfect modern home that you can be proud of, this one comes with a design that makes it look like a split-level home but the higher part isn’t actually a higher level.

The style makes the house look great even from a distance. Glass doors and windows are also used for this home, making the place appear stylish and also look bigger than it actually is. It’s truly a great place to live in.

Spacious Living Room, Comfortable Couch

There’s plenty of space in the living room for a comfortable couch and a play area if you have kids. The walls look great and have plenty of built-in shelves and cabinets to display your collections.

The ceilings are simple but the recessed design and the round lights make the space look good.

Beautiful Kitchen, Nice Bathroom

The lights in the kitchen are actually more interesting than the ones in the living room. Care was also taken to make the kitchen look great. The spot has wood-inspired tiles, modern kitchen counters, and plenty of space for various kitchen appliances to make food preparation easier.

The bathroom is also spacious and, quite surprisingly, even has a wall fan.

Building this house could cost around Php2.5 million.