This beautiful pink gable house would make a nice home for your family, with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms to suit your needs.

The house looks pleasant and comfortable, with the pink color easily making the house look stylish. The orange-red accents on the pillars and bases create added interest to this home. This gable style house features a large front porch and a nice extension to one side, created for the kitchen.

All the three pillars are beautifully decorated with artificial brown sandstone while the porch features tiles with flower prints in grey tones. This place has pretty accents without looking overly feminine.

Flowery Home Styles

Right from the porch to the interiors of this house, flowers could be considered as the central theme. The floors of the porch have grey flower tiles while the living room has blue flowers. The bedrooms have pink flower tiles and bathroom also features multi-colored flower tiles.

It is apparent that the homeowner loves flowers! But if you opt to build a house in this style, you could always change the flower tiles into tiles with no prints.

Half-Floor Design

Just like other homes in this style, this one has a half-floor design wherein one part of the house is elevated lowered from the rest but at a height that’s not really enough to be called a second floor or basement.

In this case, the house has a lower floor created for the kitchen while the main part of the house is set at a higher platform. The kitchen is actually on ground level and can be easily accessed from the front part of the house.

Lovely Interiors

This home looks nice and has lovely interiors that you can decorate as you please. While the exteriors are painted in pink, the interiors are in blue.

The bathroom might be too colorful for many, but you can opt for tile prints that won’t clash with each other for this 2-bedroom house. What’s nice is that this large house was built for a budget of Php1.3 million.