Remember that small wooden house with multi-color design and 2 bedrooms? Well, there’s a cuter version of that one, with just 1 bedroom and painted in different shades of pink!

Pink Wooden Mini House

This wooden house might be small but it is packed with excellent amenities and looks so modern that it would even make a great addition as extra guest house even in a posh subdivision. It isn’t just made of wood but also makes use of glass to upgrade the mini house into a modern, stylish home.

Pink Wooden Mini House different view

With just 1 bedroom and having a total floor area of 18 sqm, this house is best suited for a solo occupant or just a couple. A small family might still fit here as long as the share the bedroom.

Pink Wooden Mini House front

Charming Exterior Design

This house really has a nice appeal, particularly due to its charming exterior design that’s dominated by pink. The base is set in a nearly maroon color. The upper part in set in baby pink while the middle is a hue between the two.

White trim creates a sweet contrast with the pink walls while the sliding glass doors make this house look sophisticated despite its small size.

The built-in benches on the porch are painted in matching colors.

Stylish Interior Design

The brick-inspired wall print inside this house makes the space look truly stylish! You wouldn’t think a wooden mini house would have this on the inside.

The floors have wood-inspired tiles while the ceiling keeps up with the pink theme.

This house actually features an open-plan design wherein the living room doubles as the dining area at daytime. By night, this space converts into a bedroom. Choose your furniture wisely to ensure that you can use them for various purposes.

Nice Bathroom

The bathroom is small, as expected, but still looks nice. It carries over the house’s pink theme, with white wall tiles that have pink flower prints. The floor also has artsy tiles with alternating flower and stone prints.

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As you might notice, this 1-bedroom mini house does not have a kitchen inside, but it is easy to build one at the side, just like what most homes in rural areas have, anyway. This charming little home was built for a budget of Php220,000 ($4,400).