This bahay kubo is a good place to stay, with its stylish exteriors and inspiring interiors that have lots of plants and decorations. A home you can be proud of, this small bahay kubo has bedrooms with cute designs that the kids will love. There’s also a nicely decorated living room and a woodsy kitchen.

What’s your dream house like?

For many Filipinos, it’s a native bahay kubo that might be small but is truly a refreshing place to live in. It’s also much cheaper to build than a concrete house, though it wouldn’t last as long. Just make sure to treat the native materials from termites and other wood-boring insects.

Native House Design, Happy Home

The exteriors have amakan walls and hollow blocks at the bottom half. But the interiors have double walling that upgrades the house’s look.

The white door creates a nice contrast with the native house design. This house is simple but it’s a cool place to stay in. Plants also decorate the space inside and out, but in a good way that wasn’t overdone.

Cute Living Room, Nice Kitchen

The living room is cute and features plush sofas that match the native theme but still provide a comfortable spot where you can relax.

There are also plenty of plants as well as plant decorations in the living room. Butterfly accents also adorn the flowery walls.

A single-line counter makes meal preparations easy in the kitchen with a woodsy, native theme. The built-in cabinets have wood doors that match the decal placed on the fridge door. Even the tiles on the counter have wood-inspired designs.

Lovely Bedrooms, Sweet Study Area

The key to having a nice home is creating lovely bedrooms that make you truly feel comfortable – just like the bedrooms of this house. They’re small but beautiful. Furniture pieces are carefully selected to create a homey, stylish atmosphere.

The study area and the bedroom walls also feature cute decals that transform these areas into a nice spot.

It wouldn’t take more than Php150,000 to build this house.