Many people have this wrong notion that big houses, especially 2-story homes, are only for the rich people with high-paying white-collar jobs. But a fishball vendor in the Philippines proved everyone wrong by building such a house from his earnings. Isn’t that impressive?

Michael Gripal Relucio earned everyone’s admiration after sharing on Facebook some pictures of his house.

He explained that although he’s a fishball vendor, he was able to use his earnings to build this house. It’s not yet complete, but the structure itself is already done and will just need finishing touches. Thanks to his hard work and financial literacy, he’s able to build this kind of house.

2-Story Modern Concrete House with Beautiful Design

In the post on Facebook, the fishball vendor shares some photos of a 2-story house with a beautiful modern design. It’s made of concrete and a mix of steel and glass.

The walls are still grey and the fishball vendor didn’t indicate what color he’s planning to pick for the walls, but it’s already clear that this home would look great once it’s completed.

Some portions of the exterior walls already have some accent tiles for a nice look that people can admire even from afar. Even the lights used for the exteriors have a contemporary design.

This house also has a small balcony at the second floor. The space is limited but it can still fit a chair if the family wanted to relax here.

Compact Interiors

It’s also clear that the house will look good once it’s finished. There’s even a divider between the living room and the dining area that looks like a bar. Impressive design, indeed.

This sturdy house also features concrete stairs with what looks like steel railings for safety.

He didn’t share the house costs, but it could take at least Php1.5 million to build and complete this house, especially if the best materials are used for the foundation and second-floor construction.