They earn a living as plant sellers. Though they’ve had bashers who thought their job is lowly, a couple proved them all wrong by later ‘growing’ this dream house with a beautiful design! The house is made with a combination of concrete, wood, and glass.

Sharing photos of how they built the house from scratch, the plant sellers now own a modern 2-bedroom home that’s made with mixed materials.

There’s a small but lovely porch at the front, creative accents made of glass and rock-inspired tiles on the exteriors, and cute interiors painted in baby pink. It’s a small home but something that are truly proud to grow from the fruits of their labor, almost literally.

Modern Exteriors, Spacious Property

The house might not be huge but it is built on a spacious property that the couple can surely beautify with the plants they are selling. Set close to the middle of the land, the house looks so cute amid all that space – and you can just imagine how it would look with plants all around.

Pink is used on the exteriors, but the rock-inspired tiles also upgrades the look of this house.