Set on a low platform with its high ceilings and modern flat roofs sloping towards the back, this popular house is a style that you might want to have for your home. Its 3 bedrooms would be mostly beneficial for a growing family but can also be perfect for singles who wish to have a much larger house with extra rooms for guests.

The porch stretches the entire length of the house’s front wall and features built-in benches so you can relax anytime.

Using green as central theme for the exterior walls, the house is actually soothing to the eyes.

Comfortable Porch, Lovely House Design

It is said that first impressions last. That is why it is always a good idea to make sure that your house looks great on the outside, particularly the front portion. For this house, the comfortable porch is quite welcoming, making your house a great place to visit and stay in.

The lovely house design is not ostentatious but still grand, simple yet also so beautiful.

Charming Interiors

This house features charming interiors that still have a touch of green to match the house’s overall theme. However, the walls look lovelier with pastel colors in pink, blue, orange, and cream. Curtains are also picked to perfectly match and complement the walls, creating a more stylish home.

Large glass windows and sliding glass doors grace this home.

Lovely Rooms, Nice Kitchen

The 3 bedrooms of this house look lovely. All have beautiful wood doors, large glass windows, nice curtains, and enough space for a bed and closet.

Just like the rest of the house, the kitchen also looks nice. It has ample space for food preparation but still looks great with baby pink walls, white tiles, granite countertops, and a charming blue fridge.

Cute Bathroom

Located towards the back, the cute bathroom in this house features a door with a frosted glass painting. The adorable entrance matches the lovely bathroom which has separate portions for the toilet and bath areas.

A 3-bedroom house like this costs upwards of Php1.8 million to build.