A popular modern style for a 3-bedroom house, this home features a 132 sqm floor plan with 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and a nice porch at the front portion.

Painted in different shades of green, this house is great for any setting and is a beautiful sight to see from afar.

The inside of this house is painted in pink, creating a cute space to live it that’s not actually too girly even for male occupants. Equipped with modern appliances and comforts, this home is a great place to live in.

You can extend the roof at one side to create a carport that can easily fit two cars.

Modern House Design

With its sloping flat roof and open plan living area, this modern house design is a popular choice among homeowners. The main walls of the house are painted in lime green while the upper walls are in a darker green shade. The roofs and gutters are also painted in forest green.

Lovely Interiors

Even with its pink walls, this house still manages to incorporate touches of green in its interior design, such as the lining used on the recessed ceiling at the living room.


The homeowner chose pink curtains to match the walls of this lovely house but you can opt for Earth tones for a more subdued effect.

The white floors match the mostly white ceilings, but the dark brown baseboards define the rooms of this home.

Nice Bedrooms, Kitchen, and Bathroom

As expected, this home features 3 bedrooms that look nice and spacious enough for the family. This is a good pick for medium-sized or even large families whose kids are willing to share the spacious bedrooms.

There’s a streamlined kitchen towards the back while the backmost area of the house features a laundry room and ample space to stock seldomly used items.

The bathroom looks nice, with checkered tiles that exude elegance. Aside from the usual toilet set, this bathroom also has a urinal.

A 3-bedroom house like this can be built for around Php1.6 million to Php1.8 million.