Pre-Fabricated House with Modern Design, Open Floor Plan with Lots of Space

Pre-fabricated homes are the “in” thing these days, mostly because they can be affordable and so easy to get. If available in your locality, you can have a fancy new home in as fast as a couple of days! But if there’s none for sale, you can still use this house as inspiration to build a modern home with a nice porch, stylish bedroom and office space, and a compact kitchen.

This house has a simple exterior, with walls that are painted in light grey. Depending on the type of material you want to use, the house can have steel (from container vans), concrete, or wood. You can even opt for fiber cement board for a budget-friendly home, though you’ll have to replace that with a more durable option later.

Nice Porch, Simple but Modern House Design

It might be simple, but it can still be a great place to call home. The porch at the front can be a nice hangout, with the owner even putting a hammock at one spot. Though the spot is narrow, you can still put some chairs in the porch for hanging out or you can simply use the edge as a makeshift bench.

The compact style of this house looks good and is even economical. If using wood, don’t forget to use concrete posts at the foundation and have the area treated for termites.

Classy Interiors, Open Floor Plan

Though simple on the outside, this house has classy interiors. The double sliding glass doors open directly towards the dining area while the living room is set at the corner to the left.

There’s a platform set at one corner for the bed while another corner can be used as your home office. Having lots of glass windows make this home look bigger and brighter.

Compact but Functional Kitchen

The kitchen is small and has limited appliances, but it may suit your needs if you don’t mind preparing simple meals.

There’s also a small yet lovely bathroom just a step away from the kitchen.

Depending on the materials you need and whether you can get this as a pre-fab home, you might only need around Php600,000 to build this home.