In a country that’s often experiencing some kind of problem with the weather or having earthquakes, it is important to build homes that are not just nice to look at but are also strong and sturdy. However, the price of the house is also a big factor, considering the economic status of most homeowners.

That’s why a manufacturer in the Philippines is offering budget-friendly prefabricated homes that start for as low as Php149,000 – and these can be completed for as fast as 4 hours! Wow.


There are several models to choose from, each with its own features and advantages over the other models. The Batanes model starts at Php149,000 while the Sarangani model can go as high as Php499,000. But Cubo Modular offers a 50-year structural warranty on all their houses.

Batanes Model

With just 6.5 sqm of space, the loft-type Batanes model might be the smallest model but its compact design makes it a great option for many Filipinos. Its price starting at Php149,000 is also its strongest selling factor.

The loft area can fit a semi-double bed while the open space below can convert between a living room with kitchen by day and a second bedroom by night. There’s also enough space for a bathroom, closet space, and a lovely deck at the front.

Bulacan Model

Featuring 14.5 sqm of living space, the Bulacan model starts at Php189,000 for the Origin variation. But you can opt for the loft-type; though it is pricier at Php299,000. As a studio home, this can fit a queen-sized bed at the bottom, but you can opt for the loft-type for added space.

This model features longer kitchen space, a living area that also converts into an additional bedroom with a sofa bed, and a beautiful deck outside.

Sarangani Model

As the priciest model, Sarangani has more features and has a much larger living space of 29 sqm. Prices start from Php299,000 to Php499,000, but you’ll truly enjoy the additional space and amenities.

As expected, the kitchen space and bathroom areas are much larger. Also, this model can fit two loft bedrooms that can accommodate two beds.