With a total living area of 94.5 sqm, this beautiful purple house with 2 lovely bedrooms looks fantastic and features a charming porch. You’ll love the bright colors of this house that give this abode a cheerful, happy aura.

Most of the exterior walls are painted in purple but the posts and various accents are in terracotta. Avocado green is also used on the battens adorning the porch as well as the gutter sides. This green paint matches the wall of the kitchen extension located towards the back.

Meanwhile, the interiors come in a softer green shade, though one of the rooms also has avocado green paint on the walls.

Fresh Design, Modern Home

While most homeowners pick neutral colors for their house to be on the safe side, this home features lively colors that still look pleasing to the eyes. One might liken this home to a delicious cake! But it truly looks nice.

The fresh design puts the charming porch at the front, with a side entrance instead of the usual one at the front.

Superb Kitchen Area

The kitchen is set in an extension spot at the back, with half walls that allow natural light in. But if this becomes a problem with cooking, you can always opt to put glass at the empty portions of the walls or use other material to cover the space without using solid walls.

The huge L-shaped counters have lots of space available for appliances and your cooking needs. Greyish white tiles are used on the counters while the built-in kitchen cabinets have black wood material.

Chic Interiors

The chic interiors make use of pastel colors for a nice look that perfectly matches the brown floors. A gorgeous light piece adorns the recessed ceilings over the living room while the bedrooms boast of stylish wood doors.

This modern 2-bedroom house costs about Php1.4 million.