Set on wood posts to create a platform, this raised 1-bedroom house made of wood and glass is a nice place to live in. You’ll be proud of its natural beauty and the design that makes use of both modern and classic to create a great home.

Cottage-Style House Made of Wood

Made mostly of wood, this house features huge glass windows that actually complement the wooden façade. Built from natural wood, it is best to have this treated against termites and other wood-boring pests.

This house would be perfect in a rural setting but is still so perfect even in the city. However, it would be harder to find wood at more affordable prices in the city, particularly in highly urbanized areas.

Cottage-Style House Made of Wood at night

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A Beauty Made of Wood

This Cottage-style house is so beautiful to behold. The wood walls and the glass windows create a nice appeal. The stairs are made of polished wood, with each step created from a slab directly from the log. The uneven cuts actually make the stairs look more stylish.

Cottage-Style House stairs Made of Wood

There’s a porch, made entirely of wood. The long bench design is perfect in this setting as it makes a great hangout anytime of the day.

Comfortable Interiors

Even the interiors of this house are made of wood, polished for a comfortable place to live in.

Inside, you will find some modern comforts and décor. The medium-sized table in the living room has a glass top and features some stylish pieces. This home has ample space for a nice living room. The glass windows are covered with blinds.

This house features various artworks and could be a haven for artists.

Outdoor Bathroom

Just like many homes in rural areas, this house features an outdoor bathroom. However, this one remains attached to the house but set at the back.

This simple bathroom has concrete walls, grey floor tiles, and a simple white toilet bowl.

Cottage-Style House  bathroom

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The Cottage-style house was built for around Php320,000, but probably because the owners were able to save on costs from the usually expensive wood.