Different homeowners want different styles or enjoy varied things, but if you love plants, then this house design can be perfect for you. A gorgeous house, this one features a stylish living room next to the dining area set beside large glass and wood walls that open to extend your dining experience to the green lanai outside.

This relaxing 2-story house features a garden that puts authentic, live plants all around it. Even the balcony and patio are covered with plants. Interiors also come with potted plants or flowers and some foliage placed inside some vases.

The bedrooms also feature potted plants. If you want to copy this design, just make sure to regularly put the plants outside for some sunlight.

2-Story Garden House, Charming Balcony

This house has a charming balcony that looks out to stunning views but also look great on its own. There are plenty of plants there, too. Some are put in hanging vases, upgrading the look of this modern home.

But even the fence has plants. Perhaps even the gate has space for plants, huh?

Spacious Living Room with Great Features

The huge sofa bed in the living room is one of its greatest features because it can easily transform this spot into a home cinema for movie marathons in comfort.

The living room shares the space with some kitchen items, creating a versatile yet functional look. For example, the fridge is set beside the large cabinet that houses your multi-media features.

Cute, Modern Kitchen

To maximize the space, this modern kitchen has built-in cabinets, granite countertop, and teal cabinet doors.

There’s also a small table suitable for having some meals, whether on your own or with your family. This spot might be small but it still serves is purpose.

Creative Bedrooms

The bedrooms of this house are as lively as the rest, thanks to flowers and plants in the theme. Colorful bed sheets have gorgeous flowers on them.

This house might cost at least Php4 million to build.