Resort-Style White House with Lovely Pool and Stylish Design

Whether you are looking for inspiration for your dream house or working on a design for a private resort with a lovely pool, this charming home would truly be a great model.

The white walls at the exterior create a beautiful contrast with the tropical surroundings while the pool is perfect for cooling down after a long, busy day. This house would surely be perfect with lots of greenery around.

Recreating the resort vibe so perfectly, this house even features a service window that opens directly from the kitchen so you can easily get your meals while relaxing at the pool area.

Beautiful Design, Sliding Glass Doors Galore

Something that you can truly be proud of, this house features a beautiful design with gable roof, white panel walls, non-slip floor tiles, and its own outdoor swimming pool. There are also plenty of sliding glass doors that you can open to make the place even look bigger during daytime and provide direct access to other fun spots outside your home.

Stylish House, Creative Interiors

You’ll surely be proud of this stylish house that comes with creative interiors that make it unique from other homes. The living room even has another set of sliding glass doors that open directly to the patio by the outdoor swimming pool.

Flowing white curtains are used in this home, perfectly complementing the white walls and adding elegance to the interiors. The bedrooms also look great. The house even comes with a charming little nursery.

Modern Kitchen, Nice Bathroom

A modern kitchen comes with built-in stoves, stainless steel sink, and windows that open to the pool area so you can directly serve the food without needing to walk outside.

Still channeling the resort vibe, the bathroom makes use of white brick-style wall tiles, stylish sink design, and double doors. The house itself costs around Php1.2 million to build but the pool will double the construction cost of your home.