Resort Style Wooden 1-Bedroom House on Second Floor

2 min

A resort-style wooden 1-bedroom house set on the second floor this home is perfect for a rural setting with beautiful views all around. But this would also look great in an urban location, though you might have to reinforce parts of the house for better safety for your family.

Made mostly of wood, this house is built sturdily with concrete posts for support. Since this house is actually set on the second floor, you can opt to add a bedroom at the bottom part for use as guest bedroom or for other purposes, including a library or music room.

The first-floor area may be used for anything you like. The family can use it as study and play area or even as dining room. Landscaping is also added to this house to make it more beautiful. The costs of building this house depends on the materials used but it will just be around Php150,000.