In tropical countries, houses made of wood are popular, especially in rural areas and countryside where the abundance of trees ensures that wood also comes at much cheaper prices.

Just like this resort-style wooden house with 2 bedrooms and a lovely balcony, you can have a nice homemade of wood that could easily grow along with your family.

Set in a rural area with plenty of spaces around, this home is great for a growing family. There are plenty of things to do around this home, but it can also be built in a small lot in the big city.

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Balcony and Front Area

Made with polished wood, the balcony and front area of this lovely home look truly gorgeous! Beautiful wooden patterns are used on the balcony railing. Real wood furnishings are also placed at the balcony.

Set on a platform that’s 1 meter off the ground, the house features a better vantage point of the surrounding areas.