If you have a huge lot with plenty of places to build a big house, then this grand rest house design can be the perfect one for your build. It comes with a stunning design that has lots of balconies, great for admiring the view around your home. The house also has lots of bedrooms and a really spacious living room.

A grand place to live in, this house features posts made of whole tree trunks. They are sturdy, support the second floor so easily, and look great, too.

Bricks and stones are used for the walls of the first floor while the second floor is made of wood.

Impressive House Design, Superb Balconies

There are so many things that make this house stand out from the rest, not just because of the logs for the posts.

The first floor features a huge living room with no walls so you can enjoy hanging out with your family and friends while enjoying the fresh breeze.

But it’s the second floor that’s truly perfect for hanging out because the balconies are expansive and have stunning views of the surrounding areas. These balconies wrap around many parts of the second floor and feature flooring made from slabs of wood.

Classic Beds, Huge Bedrooms

The beds in the huge bedrooms are made of wood, too! The walls have distressed paint that creates a rustic look to this beautiful house.

But the beds have foam mattresses for your comfort and colorful rugs to brighten up the space.

Old-fashioned sliding wood windows add elegance to the bedrooms. Perfect for grand vacations for the whole family, this house features lots of beds on both floors.

There are also reclining chairs, hammocks, and lots of spots for outdoor sleeping. You can even go camping in this expansive lot.

A grand rest house like this costs at least Php4 million to build.