It looks like a shabby house from any angle you look at it outside, but the ugly exteriors hide beautiful interiors that are actually quite impressive! It is a house that would easily surprise your visitors but is quite perfect for the client’s specifications.

The house’s shabby look was reportedly something that the client specifically asked for. While everyone else wants their house to look grand and beautiful, this client told the architects to make the house look ugly on the outside.

Standing tall with two floors, the house does look like an eyesore that most people would certainly not want for a home. Yet it is actually a beautiful place once you step inside the door.

Shabby House Exteriors

Sticking out like an eyesore at a corner lot, this shabby house is something you certainly wouldn’t be proud of having as a house. Yet it suits the owner who had actually requested a shabby house from the architect.

This was supposedly requested by a client who wanted a home that wouldn’t attract thieves or neighbors who would ‘visit to borrow money’. Ouch.

The house even looks like an abandoned warehouse that no one would ever want to enter even during daytime. The rusted GI sheets stick out from the walls.

Surprisingly Impressive Interiors

Though the exteriors might be such an eyesore, but the interiors look pleasing to the eyes! The walls are actually painted in white, looking smooth and bright. The floors are made of wood-inspired materials while ceilings come with a mix of white materials or brown PVC.

The narrow stairway leads to the second floor illuminated both by artificial lights from lamps and natural light from the huge rectangular window at the top.

Even the kitchen looks bright and stylish. The interiors look like they are not part of the house.

Considering that this is a sturdy 2-story house with great interiors, it would still cost at least Php2 million to build even though it does not look beautiful on the outside.