This simple 1-bedroom house is made of native materials and features a nice design. The house is directly accessed through the stairs that lead to the lovely balcony. This elevated house features a bedroom but you can always add more later. There’s also space for a living room and dining area.

There are lots of things that you can appreciate with a simple house, including having a small space to keep clean and maintain. The small space can also mean that the family can hang out together more often than they stay in their own bedrooms.

Nice Balcony, Simple House

This home has a nice balcony that also doubles as a hangout for the family any time of the day. You can enjoy the soft breeze while admiring your surroundings, especially if you plant a lovely garden around your home.

The house itself is simple. It’s mainly made of native materials, including wooden floors, amakan walls, and various bamboo accents. But the flat roof is a modern addition. It slopes to one side and makes this house look updated with the trends.

Lots of Amakan and Bamboo, Compact Floor Plan

It’s not a big house, but the compact floor plan is still great and is typical of this bahay kubo theme.

The balcony directly leads to the living room. Though pictures are not shown, it’s possible that this house has bamboo furnishings in its interiors to match the look of this home. You can always opt to sit on the wood or bamboo floor, Japanese-style.

The dining area is also inside the house, beside the living room and the bedroom.

Exterior Toilet and Kitchen

Just like most homes with this design, the kitchen and toilet are located outside the house. Though you can always make modifications to update the look.

A native house like this wouldn’t cost you more than Php200,000, unless you’re adding a lot of modifications.