Simple 1-Story Native House with Impressive Modern Interiors

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Having a simple native house is a dream for many families, especially those who do not have homes of their own but simply renting one. Even with a simple house, it makes them happy that they have a place they can truly call as their own.

John Paul Cortes Lamoste shares some photos of their home which truly surprised netizens. On the outside, it appears as a simple 1-story native house but when you get inside, the impressive modern interiors will truly amaze you.


While the exteriors look like your typical native house in the provinces, the interiors actually look like they are in a modern house.

Simple Native Exteriors

In the Philippines, you can typically see a lot of native houses, especially in the provinces. Often, the houses are made entirely of native materials, inside and out. But there are also many houses with mixed materials.

The two bedrooms of this simple native house also look fantastic. This house may be built for around Php300,000.