A compact, simple 2-bedroom house with a budget-friendly construction may be just what you need to build your home. It comes complete with a comfortable living room, a small but welcoming porch, and two nice bedrooms.

This house has a boxy design, but that makes it easy to construct and easy on your wallet. You can always add accents and some modifications to the design when the budget allows it in the future. Though this kind of design might also be something that you might want to keep because it’s also much easier to maintain.

The exteriors and interiors are all painted in white.

Modern House Design, Welcoming Porch Area

At the front portion of the house is a small but welcoming porch area with steel railings and posts. The floor tiles across the house are in brown, but each section of the house features a different design that sets the space apart from the others.

The brown tiles also create a lovely contrast with the white walls, but also make it easy for you to decorate your home in any style you want.

Simple Exteriors, Elegant Interiors

While the exteriors look simple, the interiors have a touch of elegance. The bedroom doors come with beautifully designed doors while the sliding glass windows create a modern look to this home. Just add some stylish tulle curtains to the windows for some effect.

The main door opens directly to the living room while the rooms and the kitchen towards the back are accessed through the wide hallway.

Lovely Bedrooms, Stylish Bathroom

As your home, you can decorate the space anyway you like. It helps that this model features lovely bedrooms and a stylish bathroom with floor-to-ceiling marble-inspired tiles. White fixtures also make the bathroom look more elegant.

Overall, this would make a great house for your family and can be yours for a budget of around Php1.2 million.