Houses with more than one floor are great for limited lot space, but they can also look great in larger lots.

While the budget for building a 2-story house might be typically bigger than a 1-story house, you can start with the basics and later upgrade when you have some extra money.

Just like this 2-story house that has a simple design that you can upgrade with accents.

It also has a provision for a second-floor balcony that you can also create as the roof deck to a carport.

This house also features a sloping flat roof that’s simple and economical.

However, if you live in an area often hit by storms or typhoons, your architect can also help design a different roof style.

Nice 2-Story Design, Basic House Concept

The main parts of this house are made of concrete, although about half of the second floor uses marine plywood for the walls.

Glass windows are used for both floors, adding elegance to this simple house with a basic design concept.

It also features a wooden main door, but with a screen door to keep the insects out.

Lovely Interiors, Beautiful Accents

To ensure that you can live in comfort even if your house isn’t finished yet, you can pattern it from these homeowners who made sure that the interiors are as complete as possible.

Your options for the floors include wood tiles or wood-inspired ceramic tiles.

Beautiful accents also adorn this place, including interesting lights and wood banisters along the flight of stairs.

Contemporary Kitchen, Stylish Bathroom

This modern home features a contemporary kitchen that has a single-line counter with sleek built-in cabinets.

Sliding glass doors provide access to the back area.

You’ll also love the stylish bathroom with its interesting ceiling.

It might be a good idea to install floor-to-ceiling tiles, but doing it halfway like in this bathroom is also a common design for bathrooms.

Houses with a second floor typically cost or will need at least Php2 million, though the cost could be higher as the floor space increases and you pick better features or styles.

Source: Awesome Home Ideas and Decor