Looking for a house design that will fit your budget? That’s easy these days with so many options you can find on the internet. This house features 3 bedrooms and wood-inspired designs that make this place look more beautiful.

Although still unfinished, it is easy to see how this house will look after the completion of paint and other accents on the outside. The bottom portions of the exterior walls already look fantastic with the stone-inspired designs while the base is painted to look like fallen logs.

The porch railings are made to look like cut logs while the interiors also have wood-inspired designs on the walls.

Wood-Inspired Concrete Porch

Although made of concrete to ensure its sturdiness, the long-lasting porch is designed to make it appear like it was made of various wood and cut logs. The posts are painted in brown, with wood-like streaks while the bottom walls have stone-inspired prints.

Built-in benches are also made for the porch, but the owners chose to put flowerpots in these spots.

Spacious Interiors

The two rooms are set on the same side to ensure that the space is maximized for the living room and dining area. The master’s bedroom is on the other side, with lots of windows for you to enjoy the views outside your home.

The floors feature brown tiles that resemble wood parquets. To stay with the wood theme, the furniture pieces inside the house are also made of wood. Even the curtains and decorations have a woodsy design.

Three Lovely Bedrooms

This house features three lovely bedrooms, two of which are placed on the same side. A bigger bedroom is set at the opposite side, all of which feature wood-inspired walls.

This modern house is a great place to live in, with a simple and affordable design. It may be built for around Php800,000.