With a house design that is quite popular in a rural setting, this simple Amakan house features a nice porch at the front that’s a great spot for admiring the views of the farm where a home like this is often built. Of course, you can also opt for this house design despite not living in a rural location.

Built at least a foot off the ground, the base of this house is supported by concrete posts. This elevates the house but make sure that the wooden part of the posts is sturdy.

The design is also common but you’ll love the porch at the front and the living room that comes with a sofa set in powder blue.

Nice Floor Plan, Comfortable House

The house has linoleum or plastic tiles but you can upgrade this later using wood or bamboo tiles, if you like. A comfortable house to live in, large windows let fresh air in. These also help you save on electricity because you wouldn’t have to use indoor lights during the day.

Although it isn’t large, the house has ample space for a lovely living room, a modern kitchen, and two bedrooms.

Simple but Homey Bedrooms

You can’t really expect the bedrooms to be fancy in this simple amakan house, yet each room is a homey place to stay in. The beds are actually made by a local carpenter, possibly the same one who built the house, but these look sturdy enough and do serve their purpose as a place to rest for the family.

Both bedrooms have walls that are painted a beautiful shade of teal. These bedrooms also have windows as big as the ones at the living room.

Modern Kitchen, Nice Dining Room

This house features a modern kitchen with tiled counters, a gas range, a stainless-steel sink, and stylish cupboards. To maximize space, the dining table is pushed towards the wall but can be easily moved to the middle of the dining area during meals.

A simple house like this will costs around Php200k to construct.