Simple Cottage Design

With its bamboo walls, classic ‘bahay kubo’ design, and native ‘nipa’ roof, this simple cottage is a nice little home that one can easily associate with rural areas or a nice guest house. But this lovely home actually has surprisingly modern, elegant interiors!

Outside, the house looks simple and has plenty of plants that match the rural theme. But inside, you might think this space belongs to another house.

It is a great place to build for the family, especially if you are on a budget. This home does not cost much to build, especially because bamboo and nipa are cheap.

Simple Cottage Native Exteriors

This native house is beautiful to look at, what with its shiny exterior bamboo walls. There’s a native grid made of bamboo, that defines the area for the porch. There are built-in benches also made of bamboo at the opposite ends of the porch, but the floor is actually covered with tiles.