Simple Native House at the Farm, With Beautiful Views of the Field

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Dreaming of having a house on the farm, with beautiful views of the field? That’s a dream that many of us hold, especially those who live in the big city but wish to enjoy the simple, fresh life in the province.

So, if you plan on buying a field where you can plant some rice or perhaps hire someone to do it, then also grow vegetables and have some farm animals around, then this simple but beautiful house would make a great choice.

A simple native house at the farm, this lovely design brings you to the outdoors with a large balcony where you can move the beds outside for some hours of relaxation, with the fresh breeze blowing and keeping you cool.

While this house is best suited for someone who owns a house somewhere but also needs to have a spot to sleep or rest in while at the farm, it could be easily modified with some sliding walls or glass options and curtains for privacy to transform into a full home.

The bedroom itself is an open plan that doubles as living room.

Like many homes in the rural areas of Asia, this one has an outdoor kitchen that features a wooden sink and bamboo slats on the wall – perfect for hanging your pots and pans.

And while you cook lunch for your family, you get to enjoy the beautiful views of the farm around you. Isn’t that beautiful?

For the best effect and for practical reasons as well, raising ducks, chickens, goats, and other farm animals would be ideal at the field outside this simple home.

You might opt to have a chicken coop built alongside this home to keep the chickens in, but they can also be left to roam around your farm at will.

While the toilet and bath area are located outside the house, you can have those easily modified to be incorporated in the house.

What do you think of this native home?