Having a limited-spaced home doesn’t mean that you can’t style it the way you desire. Combining colors and exploring new materials help in building a small but impressive house.

Whether it is a contemporary, minimalist, Scandinavian or naturalistic home design, there is surely a way to turn your house into how you want it to be.

From a simple concept down to something unique, our home designs will definitely captivate the heart of many people including your neighbors.

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1. A touch of flamboyant color

A bright-colored door, stenciled panel or windows accent the traditional cement plaster.

The grey cement walls with a touch of vibrancy look elegantly beautiful. It gives life without being too loud. The timeless beauty of this small home is truly a darling for people who like to stand out.

2. Window Door and Walls

The window walls designs give a contemporary-like vibe to this home. Natural light passes through the glasses creating a well-lighted interior.

For house situated at a hill, this design allows you to enjoy the stunning view from the inside.

3. Made of Brick

Bricks combined with different materials like wood, stone or metal creates a unique look that is eye-catching and utterly adorable. The brick walls complement the wooden entrance door so as the ceramic tile flooring. Its modern rustic style exterior releases the natural beauty of any small-spaced residence.

4. Continuous Wall to Roof

Connecting the boundary wall with the home wall makes the house look more spacious and exceptional. It emphasizes the interior without leaving the exterior design behind. The bold paint from the inside as well as the classy lightning goes perfectly with the luscious green landscape.

5. Connecting with Nature

Any small residence will look lovely and inviting if added with green plants.

The beautiful garden wall is pleasing in the eyes plus it gives a lively touch at the same time.

This home design is simple yet artistic. It is ideal for nature lovers as well as for those who want to spice up their space with something green.

Choosing a design for a small home may not be as easy as others think. It is essential to have a concrete plan to follow, so when the time comes, you can turn your home exactly how you dreamed it to be.

You don’t need a creative mind to come up with something different but beautiful, know what you like and everything else will follow.

Meanwhile, here are more photos of stylish small ideas for inspirations:

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Source: Homify