Simple Wood House with Natural Scenery, One Bedroom

In building a one-bedroom house, it’s always a good idea to have a nice design that could upgrade the look of your house and make it a great place to live, even if it’s tiny. That’s achieved in this simple wood house with natural scenery, one bedroom, and a beautiful balcony.

It’s painted in brown to stick to the natural color, creating a nice place to live in without having to worry too much about its upkeep and maintenance. This house would be cool even on hot summer days, thanks to its wood walls and windows on all walls.

The roof is made of GI sheets which can be longer lasting than native materials.

Lovely Balcony, Beautiful Home

As always, balconies and porches create an added appeal to homes, allowing you to entertain your visitors outdoors or relax after long day, enjoying a cup of coffee and admiring the view.

It might be tiny but this home is beautiful and can be a nice place for you to live in, with a small family. It’s a good choice for a couple as a starter home or for a small family when the kids are still small. You can always opt to build extension rooms later on or have another similar structure as extra room for your growing family.

One Bedroom House

The tiny house doesn’t have a lot of space for many bedrooms, but having this one bedroom can be alright for many families or those who want to live alone. This home can also be ideal as an additional structure in your yard for day use or as a guest house.

The floors and walls are made of wood, with beautiful wood windows, too. Even the door is made of solid wood, with the windows and door painted a lighter of shade of brown than the walls.

Depending on the kind of wood you’ll use for this home, it can take you anywhere from Php80,000 to Php150,000 to build a home like this.