Netizens have expressed admiration at a single mom who was able to build her dream house worth Php700k without getting a bank loan! And many are also joking that her ex-partner might be feeling bad now that he left her. Go, girl!

And while the two-story house isn’t finished yet and still has a long way to go, it is admirable how she was able to achieve this while also raising her three kids by herself.

She’s truly an inspiration to many other single parents out there who are struggling with how they can raise their children and also build their own home. So, how did she do it?

Finding the Perfect Spot to Build a Home

The prices of real properties depend on its location. For example, prime properties in the big cities are worth several times that of a regular lot in a rural location.

Access to utilities and various services can differ, so you should take that into consideration, but if you’re just looking for a cheap lot, a rural location can be the perfect spot.

That’s exactly what single mom Wendee Arriesgado did. She has three kids to raise, but was struggling with the high cost of rent and other expenditures while living in Cebu City.

After living in the big city for years, she decided to move to a rural place to raise her family near the beach.

All those years, kailangang magbayad ng rent, kailangang magbayad ng amortization. So, I thought na it did not work for me kasi I have three kids,” she explained.

Solo parent ako… mag-isa lang akong nagwo-work for the family, breadwinner. So, I’ll think about building a house here sa probinsya kasi malapit sa beach.

Working Hard to Reach for Her Dreams

With Php200k, she was able to set the foundation to her dream house but it wasn’t enough. So, she worked hard and taught her kids how to save money.

Eventually, she was able to save enough to continue building her house. She also found a kindhearted supplier who allowed her to pay in installments, so she didn’t even have to take a bank loan.

You have to really discipline yourself, and you have to make it happen, and you have to focus if you want to have that future, na wala kang babayaran, if you want that house built,” she explained.

Wow! She’s truly an inspiration.