Being a single mom doesn’t always have to be a hindrance for success. That’s proven by a young lady named Anne Cerna who, despite being a single mom, was able to own a house and different properties. To achieve this, she became an online seller to provide for her own family.

Thanks to this online business, not only was she able to buy food for her family, this single mom was also able to build a 2-story house and buy several properties across Davao City, Cavite, and Tagaytay. She also got a motorcycle.

She shared her success story in hopes to inspire others. If a single mom like her can do it, then other people also can.

Modern 2-Story House for Single Mom and Family

Calling herself a ‘Certified Iponaryo’ as she shared her story with her financial literacy mentor, Chinkee Tan, this inspiring single mom posted photos of the house she was able to build for her family.

The 2-story abode has a modern design, with a porch at the first floor and tiny balcony on the second floor.

The house isn’t huge but it looks great – and the most important thing is that they own it.

Stylish Living Room with Fancy Furniture

The first floor is comprised of the common areas, particularly the living room, dining area, and kitchen. There’s also a bathroom in the first floor.

Fancy wood furniture pieces create a nice space for hanging out in the stylish living room.

Golden decorations designed for luck also brighten up the space.

Modern Kitchen, Nice Bathroom

The modern kitchen and dining area are just steps away from the living room. This family uses a glass-topped dining table decked with a cloth cover that matches the ones used for the chairs.

A bar separates the kitchen from the dining area.

This house also features a nice bathroom with stylish fixtures and elegant tiles.

Depending on the location, materials, and other factors, this house could cost you at least Php1.8 million.

Source: Anne Cerna / Chinkee Tan