When you’re about to build or renovate your own house, the first consideration you have is whether to build a single-storey or 2-storey house. Both houses have their own benefits. Sure, 2-storey house offers a lot of spaces and is perfect for a large family.

8+ Photos Of Stunning Single-Storey Houses

However, this type of house is difficult to clean and maintain. Also, if you have a problem with mobility, having a house with stairs may not be the best one for you.

Meanwhile, a long time ago, one-storey houses were not that all appealing and thought of in such an admirable way than they are today. Thankfully, over time, architects made a way to change this perspective.

As you are all very well aware of, these type of houses doesn’t allow you any extra floors and stairs are not necessarily built. However, what they lack can be remedied with regard to their innovative design, exquisite look, and worth living spaces.

If you don’t want the hassle of climbing up and down the stairs and out in the market to find one-storey house designs, you may not look any further.

To help you choose what’s perfect for you, we compile you different kinds of one-story house designs.

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Single-Storey Houses that will surely inspire you

In here, we’ll be going through up in the hills house design, house that can easily be transported, a cutting-edge cabin, rural house designs,single storey opulence etc.

So, before you make a call to your architect and discuss with them to build you a house that has only one floor, here are 8+ photos of stunning single-storey house designs that will surely inspire you and will completely change your mind in wanting stairs again.











Source: Homify