Scouting for a house plan for a 3-bedroom, single-story house? Here’s one house plan that offers charming living spaces, a 2-car garage, and a spacious kitchen in a home that you and your family are sure to love.

What makes this house great for a family is that the rooms are grouped together, encouraging bonding moments while a spacious living room is also great for hanging out to catch some movies on TV or just enjoying time together.

Plenty of standard wood as well as glass sliding doors are set around the house, providing all occupants with easy access to the outdoors. The house would certainly look so much better if you complement this with a beautifully landscaped yard.

The 2-car garage has a door that directly leads inside the house, making it easier for the family to move in and out of the house without having to go around to reach their vehicles.

The charming living spaces are meant to have large windows and sliding doors to let natural light in while also offering occupants a lovely space to also enjoy the outdoors without stepping out of the house.

Contemporary furniture easily complement this house’s modern design while built-in cabinets provide ample space to store things without cluttering the floor.

This detailed house plan shows spaces allocated for useful spots around the house, including a spacious pantry, built-in cabinets in the foyer, and the location of the doors plus possibility of portions allocated for glass panels on the roof to let more light in.

Because this house has plenty of doors, including an extra door in the master’s bedroom that allows outside access, some people might want to modify this a bit to lessen entry points in the house. That’s easily possible without greatly affecting the house design.

Some homeowners might even remove the foyer altogether to provide direct access to the living room for more space.

Source/image credits: My House Plans Shop