Single Story Modern House with a Dog-Shaped Roof Specifically Designed for Relaxation

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One of the major characteristics that people look for in a house is that it should be a great place for relaxation. After spending most of the day at work or at school, people generally want to have a restful place to come home to. Aside from being aesthetic, a house should be functional. Here is a simple, cozy house inspired by modern design.

This single-story modern house is specifically designed to give you the best and complete relaxation experience. The cream-colored floor was used to select the exterior wall. The house is strikingly elegant with yellow strips and a brick wall.

To give the best relaxation experience, the front entrance is designed to be a cozy balcony area. A long bench with backrest fits perfectly in the balcony space. The outside of the house is designed to be an airy and spacious veranda. The open space is converted to a wide terrace that is great for an outdoor breakfast, a mid-day nap, or an evening of stargazing. It can also accommodate a small group of people if some friends or family will come and visit. The balcony and the terrace give the perfect ambiance for rest and relaxation.

This one-story house has 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen, and 1 lobby perfect for the entertainment area. The roof is also dog-shaped, which adds a cute touch to the aesthetics of the house. Other suggested custom outdoor designs would be setting up a small garden area near the terrace and planting trees that could provide shade.

The simple elegance of the house makes the place easy to decorate and customize based on the preference of the home owners. If you are looking for a cozy modern house with simple aesthetics designed specifically for relaxation, this design is a strong contender.