It might be small but this 1-bedroom house is an ideal home for a couple or even someone who wants to live alone. The house features a modern design that comes with a lovely balcony at the front where you can relax and admire the view.

The design is actually from a prefabricated house but you can easily get engineer/architect and the carpenters to copy this minimalist look.

1-Bedroom Modern House

At one with nature, this home features earth colors that make it easily blend with the surroundings, without creating a jarring look that could mar the serene rural scene. The house is raised about 60cm off the ground.

Modern Look

This home features a modern look, thanks to the flat roofs and the thatched metal steel sheets. Wood battens soften the look of the balcony while the sliding glass windows as well as the sliding glass door upgrade the house to a sophisticated home despite its small size and short stature.

Nice Interiors

The interior walls are painted in light colors, creating a sharp contrast with the darker colors of the exteriors. This home actually has an open plan that puts its 1 bedroom alongside the rest of the house.

Most likely, the homeowner should best choose furniture that could be used for a variety of reasons. For example, the sofa could be converted into a bed at night. Built-in furniture would also be perfect for home as that could help save precious space.

Charming Bathroom

The charming bathroom features wall tiles decorated with sweet yellow flowers. The patterned tiles soften the effect, making this spot look pretty.

The main portion of this house has a floor area covering 6 x 3 meters. Surprisingly, the balcony is huge and features 6 x 2 meters of space. The budget for this 1-bedroom house is less than Php500,000.