Small 2-Bedroom Cottage-Style House with Impressive Interiors

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With its simple cottage-style design, this house has a homey, welcoming atmosphere. But the impressive interiors will amaze your visitors.

Having 2 bedrooms, this house has plenty of space for a medium-sized family. You’ll love the beautiful wood floors and the stylish interior design that makes this home something you can always be proud of.

White walls open up space, making the house look bigger than it actually is while also providing a cooling effect. The standard gable roofs over the main house and the porch retain the house’s classic look.

This home also features a beautiful kitchen made of granite and wood. It’s the perfect combination!

Cottage Style House

Unlike most modern homes that make use of a flat roof, this 2-bedroom house uses a gable style roof that’s simply perfect for its cottage theme. The swing benches at the porch is a nice touch, making this spot a popular hangout for kids and adults alike.

This 2-bedroom house could be built for a budget of around Php1 million.