Perfect for a small to medium-sized family, this small 2-bedroom house has a nice design that ensures no space is wasted. It occupies 63 sqm of floor space, just enough for the growing family.

The modern design looks great, with a porch that has built-in benches for hanging out. The flat roof is divided, with the porch section jutting out from the main house while the bigger roof slopes down towards the back.

Lime green is used for the exterior walls, but the base is defined by a darker green hue. Inside the house, the stylish space makes a great place to stay throughout the year.

Lovely Exteriors

The walls of this home are in green, creating a look that’s so soothing to the eyes. The three pillars at the porch are decorated with a mix of black marble at the bottom, stone accents at the middle, and the upper part in lime green paint.

Just as expected, the back area is simpler than the front but still follows the same lime green theme.

Charming Interiors

Sliding glass doors create a beautiful entrance to this modern home, easily opening up the space to make this house look bigger than it actually is. Inside, the walls are painted in white to create the illusion of bigger space but lime green accents can still be seen on the recessed ceilings.

The floors have large white tiles while baseboards are painted in brown.

Stylish Accents

The kitchen features flower-printed wall tiles and black granite on the countertops and backsplash.

Glass art on the PVC door highlights the beautiful bathroom space. Although small, the bathroom looks great. It features mostly white wall tiles with brown mosaic-inspired tiles as accent wall behind the toilet bowl.

Overall, this is a nice house. Budget to build this 2-bedroom house would be around Php1.2 million.