Cute and colorful houses never get out of style, especially if you pick the right style and colors that look pleasing to the eye.

Just like this small but cute house idea that you can find inspiration in for your dream house.

It features lovely blue and white walls, fabulous interiors, and a nice kitchen extension at the back.

Although it’s small, it has all the elements you need for a comfortable stay with your family or even just by yourself.

This house is set in an expansive property with lots of spaces where you can make some gardens to grow your food. But the design would also be perfect even if you have limited space on your property.

Lovely Porch, Rectangular Home

A great place to live in, this house features a lovely porch at the front with built-in benches on both sides so you can hang out without needing to add more furniture in the limited space.

This hack is actually a good idea for small homes.

From the front, the house looks tiny but it actually stretches towards the back with a rectangular floor plan.

Fabulous Interiors, Stylish Lights

The interiors of this house look fabulous, with powder blue walls in the main house and light gray walls at the back kitchen.

Despite the limited space, you’d think the living room is in a grand place. It features floor-length curtains, stylish lights, a plush carpet to define the space, and sofa (it’s best to choose something that also converts into a bed).

The bedroom and bathroom also have lovely designs that make them look comfortable yet elegant.

Nice Kitchen Extension

At the back is a kitchen extension where you can also have your family meals. It’s separated from the main house by a door but the two spaces are still connected.

Overall, this is a well-equipped house with a nice design that you can build for around Php1 million.

Source: Awesome Home Ideas and Decor