Designing a home that can accommodate a whole family without being too cramped is a challenge for every designer. The use of space should be balanced but at the same time, it should be easy to use and should promote good flow of users.

A contemporary bungalow design of a small but spacious house was released by Thai Design and just the 3D drawings and the plan are enough to make you want to live there.

Small But Elegant 85 sqm. House image 1

This one-storey house strategically has 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms. Despite its small size if 85 sq.m, which the width being 12.80m and the depth at 8.50m, it still provides enough breathing room and it was able to provide an effective flow of users.

The designer was able to let the bedrooms have the maximum amount of natural light and ventilation by having them around the exterior walls. The communal areas are conveniently placed in the middle of the house to ensure a more comfortable flow for the users of the house.

Small But Elegant 85 sqm. House image 2

This house does not have a parking space. But its lack of it is compensated by the vast landscaped garden lawn in front of the house. The beautifully placed plants, flowers, and pathways will encourage you to walk and not get a car anymore.