Small Compact 2-Bedroom House with Cute Paint Design

2 min

Thanks to its bright blue colors and cute paint design, this 2-bedroom house easily stands out in the neighborhood despite its cute size. Made with concrete, the house is sturdy yet also looks so adorable. You’ll love to live here even by yourself or with family.

Alternating blue tones and white painted on the base and pillars of the house, the colors complement each other while also adding interest to this home’s façade.

There’s a nice porch that covers the length of the front, with a small gate that you can lock up easily should you need to keep kids safe from falling off the stairs.

Beautiful Exteriors

This house features nice blue colors that appeals to the eyes. The color scheme is also used at the sides and back of the house, with white painted on the posts, as with the posts at the porch area.