Though People are known to be family-oriented and most are still living together with parents or in-laws after marriage, we can not deny the fact that many still wanted to have their own home. However, the cost and expenses are what make it difficult for Filipinos to achieve their dream.

Luckily, prefabricated container houses are now on trend in the market, and we’ll say this type of house is the perfect solution for your problem.

But aren’t prefabricated container houses too hot to live in?

If you’re in a tropical country, the weather is mostly hot, you may be thinking that it’s very unconventional to have a house like that.

Flat, suffocating and boring are just one of the few things that may have crossed your mind. However, let us correct your way of thinking.

Why you should opt for prefabricated houses?

There are many reasons as to why you should get yourself a prefabricated container house.

1. They are fast, uncomplicated, and sturdy to build.

2. Customizing them based in your own style is much easier.

3. Eco-friendly

4. Durable and tough. Shipping containers are built to carry valuable cargo despite extremely dangerous weathers. So you can just imagine how tough it is. And before we forgot, it’s fireproof.

5. And one of the biggest reason why you should build a house with a shipping container is it’s affordable.

Dainty Container Home Ideas

And we compile you samples of a customize rectangular house to show you that living in this house is just as comfortable as living in a spacious house.

These prefabricated houses are very lovely given its splendid interior design and conventional exterior materials. Each house showcases the use of glass windows to give an open and airy feel to the house.











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