Many of us wish to have bigger, better bedrooms that look more comfortable but have no idea what to do to achieve this. Thankfully, you can now find a lot of design ideas on the internet so you can get inspiration in choosing the right kind of furniture, décor, and colors you can use inside the bedroom to make it look bigger.

Small contemporary bedrooms are more common than you think, especially because a lot of homeowners these days choose to buy condos or small homes for practical reasons.

But even if you bought a small home with small bedrooms, you can still make your space look bigger with design tricks from the experts.

In bedrooms, the bed is really the central furniture piece. But you don’t need queen-sized or king-sized bed, especially when you only have a small room! You’ll end up with a room that only has space for the bed.

Instead, pick a bed that’s proportional to your room. A double bed would be ideal or you could pick a piece that could double into something else, such as a convertible sofa bed which you can turn into a sofa during the day for more space while you aren’t sleeping.

It’s also best to push the bed against the wall, leaving you more space inside the room than if you out it in the middle.

Storage space can be tricky in a small room. That’s why it’s best to utilize the walls and the space under the bed with built-in cabinets, shelves, and drawers.

Pick a light paint for the room. Remember that dark hues tend to close in and make the space tighter. This goes not just for walls but also for furniture pieces, curtains, and bedsheets.

Mirrors also make an excellent addition in the room, making the space visually bigger.

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Ideas to Help Make Small Contemporary Bedrooms Look Bigger and Better

Check out the photos below and find ideas you can use to make your rooms look bigger and better:































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