Small Garden House (Cottage Style)

Small house cottage plan

minimalist Small Garden House plan

The plan states that there are only two sections of the house. Must be respected accordingly to fit the theme of the house. There would be a room, which most likely to be an all-in-one room for people to eat, sleep and store items with.

Finally, there would also be a veranda for the persons living there to relax and unwind after the work down in their garden.

Being said, the bathroom can be integrated just as long as the house has proper pipes and lines on it. Bathroom and kitchen can be done in the back though, separate from the house itself, however. One must take note the surroundings that it must be safe from both human and hostile animal intervention.

With this plan, we hope that your house would be splendid and you can relax it there once it has been built!

Photo courtesy smarthousing