With its contemporary design, this 1-story house with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms is an ideal home for you and your family. There is enough space for relaxation and having fun, yet the house is also compact enough to be easy on your wallet.

This small grey house features flat shed-style roofs and a stylish design that uses lines to create accents without overdoing the façade. Small lights jut out from the porch and front walls, creating an interesting effect at night.

The back area of this modern home is more white than grey, but the base is painted in a dark shade of grey that wraps from the front to the back.

Contemporary Design

The flat roof and the large sliding glass doors are an easy hint that this house has a contemporary design. Sliding glass windows also grace the house, framed in black and white. But there are grills on the windows to ensure safety of the inhabitants while still making the place look stylish.

Superb Interiors, Compact Floor Plan

This home features superb interiors, with a compact floor plan that puts the 2 bedrooms at the same side so there would be no reason for adding a hallway. At one end of the house is the kitchen that is separated from the great hall by a glass door.

Cream-colored walls create a soft effect in this lovely home that also has beautiful white marble tiles on the floor. The ceilings are painted in white, with the part above the living room recessed for added style.

Lovely Bathroom

With its brownish brick theme, the lovely bathroom looks nice in this contemporary 1-story house. The lower parts of the bathroom have darker tiles while the upper portions have whitish tiles with the brick-inspired design.

A small sink is set at one corner that also features a mirror on one wall.

This 2-bedroom house was built for a budget of Php1.2 million.