A 2-bedroom house is always a great idea, especially for small families or those simply starting out and living on their own. Check out this contemporary 2-bedroom house design that would easily fit your needs.

For singles, the master bedroom is a beautiful haven for relaxation while the second bedroom can be the guest room.

For families, the master bedroom is large enough to accommodate one or two kids sharing the same bed with their parents, while the older kids get the second bedroom.

If the lot is enough for expansion, there’s always space to grow for an extra bedroom or two as the kids get older.

In this contemporary house design, solid lines make the house look truly modern while the contrasts in the color scheme keep the design interesting.

Wood panels even add accent to the exterior while huge sliding glass doors offer a welcoming feature to your home.

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The glass front doors open directly into an open plan area that starts with the living room just a step from the entryway.

A modern kitchen is set at the opposite end of the room, with a door that leads to the back area.

As with many homes of this design, the dining room is set in the middle, right between the living room and the kitchen. That’s perfect for both entertaining visitors and having easy access to the kitchen.

The other half of the house is comprised of the bedrooms, with a shared toilet and bathroom.

This house is really not meant for big families as it only has one bathroom, yet this would certainly be perfect for those living alone or for small families.

You are free to decorate the inside of this home to your liking, but contemporary pieces would surely match the overall design of your house.

Because of the limited space, built-cabinets are perfectly suited for this house to have ample space for keeping the clutter out of the floor without taking up too much of the space.