This is a small house that’s perfect for a small family or even a single owner who wishes to have an extra bedroom. The small house plan has a cool design that’s fit in a 42 sqm size yet the compact floor plan allows this home to still have 2 comfortable bedrooms.

Though it might be small, this house packs a punch and could be at par with bigger homes. The entrance looks great and the modern look is perfect for any location.

This might not have a porch but if you extend the frontage, should the lot size allow it, you can still have this feature for your home.

Small but Beautiful House Design

Don’t be sad by this house’s small size because it is a great place to live in for your family. The exteriors look great, with the frontage designed with a flower bed for added beauty.

Set on a platform about half a meter in height, the house is accessed through a short flight of stairs that directly leads to the sliding glass doors.

Stylish Interiors

The interiors of this home look stylish, with floors that have white tiles to keep the tone light. The interior walls are painted in white to create the illusion of a bigger space while huge windows also keep the place from looking cramped.

Large double doors open straight to the living room with a lovely couch and flat-screen TV on the wall. The heart of the house is the kitchen with a dining table fit for four people.

There are two beautiful bedrooms in this house, sharing a common bathroom at the middle. The second bedroom is much smaller but space issues can easily be solved with a double-decker bed.

Compact but nice, this house may be built for just around Php500k.