Small yet provided with modern conveniences, this house with a contemporary style features 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. Such a house would be perfect for a small family or for someone who wants to live alone.

The lovely house comes with a nice porch at the front, with built-in benches to one side for relaxation anytime of the day. A flat roof design is used for this modern home, but this is still stylish and not just something that protects your head.

White frames are used for the casings around the sliding glass windows and doors, creating a beautiful contrast with the dark grey paint of the exterior walls.

Lovely Porch, Stylish Home

With the porch being right at the front of the house, this welcoming spot is a great representation of your home. So, this lovely spot should always look nice.

Wood slats are used as a back support for the built-in benches, making this place look even nicer.

This stylish home uses different styles of tiles on the floors of the porch, steps, and the interiors, including the bathrooms while the walls remain in greyish hues, except for the bathroom which comes in checkered black and white design.

Spacious Interiors

Because this house only has 1 bedroom, the living room and kitchen area are spacious. But it is still a great idea to pick furniture that have other functions. For example, a sofa that transforms into a bed at night would be perfect for the living room.

Built-in cabinets would also be a great option for this lovely home.

Creative Bedroom, Nice Bathroom

This house has only 1 bedroom but this creative space features a nice ceiling and lovely windows with white frames.

As expected, the bathroom is not huge but it looks nice and comes with tiled walls, hot and cold shower with a huge showerhead, and stainless steel racks for your shower essentials. This house may be built for around Php1 million.