Small 1-Bedroom House for Affordable Budget

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For an affordable budget of just a little over Php600,000, this small 1-bedroom house is a nice home to pick if you don’t really need a big house. It is perfect for someone living solo or a couple who don’t have kids at home.

As retirement home, this house is perfect because there are no stairs to climb. The house is also built at ground level, with just one step elevation that you can easily smoothen out with a ramp-like edge. This no-nonsense house is painted in grey with white trim.

The porch at the front is large enough to be an extra space for hanging out but a matching porch is also jutting out in front of the master’s bedroom. You do have the option to connect the two to create a much larger space.

Simple Yet Beautiful Design

The beauty of this home is in its simplicity, with the modern design ensuring that you have a nice-looking home that won’t hurt your wallet. Both porches have steel support beams and floors topped with greyish tiles.

This compact 1-bedroom house is built for just Php620,000.